Friday, March 4, 2011


Okay so I've decided to focus my energies on a side project or two. This one is called Phantom Capsule, It revolves around middle-sized robot suits fighting monster-of-the-week-style kaiju. It's not unreasonable to expect templates for buildings and tiny cars and stuff in the near future.

Heres the template for the generic, easily modified CRADLE IO7 suit. feel free to dick around with the colors or anything else you want. also some credit goes to my friend James Ronald Lo at PapertoyAdventures because I totally used his arm design for this.
and here's some simple diagrams to show exactly how to construct this mess


  1. I'm not normally into these simple models, but these guys are so stinking cute I think I may have to put a few together :D

  2. I'd like to ask about some things.

    1) Where are the ears on the red guy?

    2) Are there 2 guns (each)? Why is only one type pictured then?

    3) Can I send you completed and/or customised models?

  3. @christian,
    be sure to take pictures! hooray!

    1) I'm going to release the custom models later, I have a couple other designs i want to try too.

    2)there's one gun for each unit, the blue one in the picture is actually the Polar Star from cave story.

    3) yes yes yes! any pictures or custom templates people make would be great and really gets me pumped up to continue the project!

  4. Awesome. I just made one and it is so cool! I can't wait for the others to come rolling out.

  5. How high do your Cradles measure in inches, Pug?

  6. Uuh, can you please repost the rules? Megaupload link.....


      here you go. I forgot to change the link on the 'play phantom capsule' page. sorry bout that!