Littleroller Phantom Capsule is now entirely playable!

This is just a simple directory so anyone who wants to try out the game can get right to it!
All the stuff on this list has been previously posted on the blog, so it's probably a good idea to browse around on there for new things that I haven't added here yet. (plus there's lots of pictures!)

Here's all the things you actually need

• The rulebook (Version 1.2)  available here
• Templates to build a couple basic CRADLE UNITs Colored and blank
• templates for some monsters. Cherubile & Nuckelavee are a good starter group.
• Command modules, order markers, etc. here, Enemy AI and a Mark for them to pursue here 

If you intend to try multiplayer, it's highly recommended that you make a UFO or two

Here's all the fun additional stuff to enhance the game!

• Special units, like HITODAMA (which usually include new weapons and stuff)
• Extra monsters, like DRAZEAL. (His AI card available here)
Buildings and buildings and Cars and buildings!

My motivation to make more stuff for this directly correlates with how much interest the project rallies, so if anyone builds some models, or makes custom ones, or anything please send a picture!