Friday, March 25, 2011

BIG UPDATE DAY! DRAEZEAL's AI, HITODAMA, and blank template!

woot. Lots of new stuff today!

•First of all, for anyone who's been wanting it, here's a blank CRADLE template so anyone can customize their CRADLE team more easily!

•Second, after a lot of playtesting, I've found that taking a thin piece of scrap paper from the debris of a newly built model and marking a few inches on it makes gameplay go a lot faster. So that's worth trying!

• Thirdly, CRADLE UNIT; HITODAMA CUSTOM is now ready to enter the battlefield!

This unit comes with a crapload of features, including;
•A new weapon
•new modules
•an optional shield
•5P markers, for convenience.
• a special order marker

HITODAMA isn't built to take damage, it's a better idea to set it up somewhere to ambush the enemy and run away. Luckily, that's Byron York's Specialty.

All pilot modules will have a special abilities that can potentially turn the tide in a battle, so it's a good idea to prepare them early and save them for an emergency!

Unit template and modules are all on one page here!

•Fourth, Draezeal now has AI, Plus also his own special order marker and Shield markers, and an attack template which is pretty intimidating.

Drazeal AI available here.

•fifthly, heres some buildings and tiny cars!


  1. I am loving your work! I'm mostly looking at the art, but the fact that you're fairly constantly developing the game and terrain and other concepts helps keep me motivated to work on my ideas. I'll probably be making a Cradle I07 unit one day for my desk.

    I look forward to whatever other ideas you can make come to fruition. :D

  2. my intentions have always been to have models people would like to build regardless of if they want to actually play the game, so awesome! :D

  3. hehe, glad you liked the skulls =D

  4. Hey, do you think it would be all right if I featured these on my blog?

  5. With your permission, ¿can I make a pdf of the templates?