Friday, March 11, 2011

THE GAME IS AFOOT! Rulebook 1.0 available!

It's only 5 pages, 3 if you don't count skippable fluff!
download here!

Along with the rulebook are the printouts for the necessary modules/etc to play the game!
here they are separately just in case..
ENEMY AI (for nuckelavee and the cherubile)
The enemy AI sheet also comes with a little specialty building, the city's power generator! hooray!

In order to play the initial test mission for this game you will need to go back and acquire (if you haven't already);
The CRADLE IO7 units

try to set up the battlefield so it looks something like this;

The power generator is the enemy's mark! If they touch it it's game over! Take off every zig!

also here's some more buildings just for fun


  1. I have officially made my first papercraft ever, a Cradle unit, and I love it =) excited to play the game, it looks like fun!

  2. few things,
    does friendly fire count as cover?
    Are you going to make enemies with shields/mechs without shields.
    Also can buildings be destroyed?

  3. Thanks for taking interest!

    1, I was thinking of having special units that other units can take cover behind but right now units can't use other units as cover officially. (if it fits a situation though and you can convince anyone else playing, I don't see why not)

    2, as it is enemies can put up shields, (as like a defensive stance) but I'm definitely planning some heavier armored enemies/accessory options for variety.

    3.I really want to get around to some kind of special buildings rules, but as it is now they just serve to make the playing area more interesting. Other Earth has very sturdy construction methods. :D

  4. Wow. This... is sooo cool. The papercraft, the game, everything... I did some papertoys a year ago with fat cardboard and from scratch, but yours are five times more beautyful, plus the game really looks like fun! I thank pixelation forums for letting me discover your crazy cool blog!
    * prints the models and starts cutting *

  5. Dude, contact me. I'm getting Gamebrew up and running, and would like to link Phantom Capsule in the Tabletop Minis section if that's OK with you.

  6. is a direction designated as North to signify which random direction the dice should imply? or do you follow the path of the arrow as it appears based on the angle of the die? also, do pips depleted by enemy attacks get added back to the battery pile after a phase? or are they removed from that game?

  7. also, do KO'd enemy units leave the game entirely? or are they revived at phase end? Does Hitodama automatically use his shield upon an enemies first attack, or can you choose when to expend it? once it is gone, is it gone until phase end, or is it game end? does an enemy have a max number of shields it can possess? do they expire at phase end? for instance, in the case of Draezeal, would he only be able to carry the two shield tokens available on the template? and upon equipping them both, if both remain at phase end, do they carry over to the next phase? What does it mean to move 'away from an enemy'? is this moving backwards along the most direct line between the target and attacker, or chosen based off a directional die roll? One last thing... in the case of Draezeal's timeline, it states if damage is greater than 25, move 9 inches randomly and put up a shield. Does this mean if Draezeal's total life is at any point reduced by 25, this action is to take effect? Does it take place after checking enemy distance via upper part of timeline? for instance, the enemy is within 8 inches of Drae. Drae rolls a 5-6 and so puts up two shields and move 2 inches to mark. If Draezeal has 15 or less HP remaining, would I then continue by moving 9 inches randomly? it is not an ELSE statement, and therefore I assume it would be an AND statement, and would be applied after anything applicable above it on the timeline were implied. Thanks a bunch in advance for reading this eyeful. Hope to hear from you soon, will be checking back often.

  8. to verify further...for Drae..if within 5 inches, would you then roll, behave as dictated, drop down to the next step, look for any units within 8 inches, roll, behave as dictated, and then finally drop the final step and behave according to Draes life?

  9. woot. lotta stuff to clarify for the next edition of the rulebook. I'll answer now though so you can play it without worrying. (though remember the most important rule is that you should do what makes sense for the situation, like if a guy is entirely concealed by a building but still in range, I usually count it as automatic cover but still roll as if the enemy knows he's there. gonna add that too)

    1. you can use any method of random direction selection you want, but the easiest (I think) is to cut out little arrows on some duct tape and put them on all the sides of a die.

    2.Keep lost P to the side of your control panel, in case get a chance to regain it later, otherwise it's gone for good though.

    3. KO'ed enemies get knocked over. They don't get back up. I haven't decided if corpses hinder movement yet so that's up to the players.

    4. all shields are used automatically when a unit takes a hit. Normally all shields reset at the end of the phase, but maybe for hard-mode or something, enemy shields can stack, so they don't reset. (haven't tested that yet though)

    5. away is the most direct line away from indicated unit. yes.

    6. monsters only perform one action from the list per turn, (otherwise it'd be ooooverkill) so if an enemy is within 5", he will only roll for that situation. if the drae has taken 25 or more damage and there are no enemies around, only then will he use that behavior. Adding "and"s and "or"s is a really good idea though, I should have thought of that. just assume every option is an "or" statement.