Friday, April 15, 2011


Updated rulebook!
Download it here;

And a new promo video! deal with it!

gonna have to make a tidy ZIP starter set with all the templates, but I've got all of tomorrow to do that.
Big thanks to /tg/ and
Gameplay feedback is incredibly useful to me!


  1. Well, i really want to get in touch with you guys, i loved your project.

    Please, send a mail to me:

    :3 Peace brothers

  2. Forget about i said! i got your e-mail =P

  3. I'm really to get in touch with you! Reply the others e-mais what i had send to you.

  4. I can tell that you have an amazing imagination to be able to create all of this. I would like it if you check me out sometime, maybe i could give you some new ideas for your game, that is if you want to of course. But still, check me out sometime.

  5. Just been looking through the 1.2 rules, I can't open v1. There's a lack of obvious rules! How do units attack monsters? What do you roll? What do modules do once you've assigned various P's to them? Perhaps I've overlooked something really obvious? Please help cos I'm really looking forward to trying this game, it looks like it could be a lot of fun.
    mat (doc_fiend13@rocket

    1. This project is loooong overdue for an update. lol

      -If you put the amount of Pips indicated into a module, you can use it that turn, otherwise you cant. So 5 P in PUNCH lets me punch once this round.

      -If the target is in range and clear line of sight, attacks always hit. The only time you roll for attacks is if you are hiding behind cover.

  6. Can you post the monster's papercraft models without colors? (Just cut and fold lines) I can't print in color and I want to color them by myself =)
    When I have all the models, I'll play some matches with my friends to give you feedback to the project, which I think it would be very fun.
    Thanks for your time!